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Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome to Parent Connect Queensland!

Parent Connect walks with you.

The journey will include self-discovery, finding old skills and learning new skills.

There is lot of information, choices and people that cross your path. It is often over whelming. You learn it is ok to do things differently.

You learn about systems, services, funding and what it takes to participate in community.

You become resilient, thought provoking, assertive and the skills you learn will never leave you. You learn about access, equity and equality.

There are many tears frustration. More often tears of joy at reaching the little steps of achievement and they should be celebrated.

Along the way you meet people, many on the same journey. Most of all you meet people who understand and are willing to listen.

Parent Connect facilitators all have a lived experience and understand what you are doing though.  They share information with you so you can make choices and decision that suits you, your children and your family. All the decisions you make will provide the uniqueness that makes up you and your family.     

It is just a different way of seeing the world instead of going to Italy to see Venice, canals and Rembrandts, we are going to Holland with it’s incredible windmills.  

It a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes it take a long time. You enlist people along the way who understand what you are going through and how to help you to achieve outcomes so that you obtain the same life as every Australian enjoys.

Parent Connect look forward to interacting and walking with your on an incredible journey.

Jane Grant - Parent Connect Manager

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