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At Parent Connect, we understand that everybody learns at their own pace and in their own unique styles. It can be hard sometimes to navigate what learning methods and environments your child responds to the most, you are not alone. We have compiled our top education programs and resources to assist you in navigating your way through your child’s learning.

Education Resources

Inclusion In Education

The following website links will provide information on inclusion in education from different centres around the world:

  • Inclusive education – Queensland
  • Inclusion Press:
    Creates person centred resource materials for training events, public schools, high schools, community colleges, universities,.
  • The Inclusive Schools Network
    Is a web based resource for families, schools and communities that promotes inclusive educational practices.
  • Dr Paula Kluth
    Paula is a consultant, author who works with teachers and families to provide inclusive opportunities for students with a disability to create more responsive and engaging schooling experineces for everyone.
  • CAST
    Is an educational research and development organisation that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals.
  • Include:
    Is a firm run by inclusion expert Dr Bob Jackson and has helpful information about inclusions and links to their services.

Strategies For Home And School

Making it a Success with Sue Larkey.  

Sue Larkey is uniquely positioned within the education system having both taught as a primary school teacher and special education teacher.  Sue has taught students with ASD in the mainstream and at a specialist autism school.  She combines this practical experience with extensive research, having completed a masters in special education and currently undertaking a doctorate in education.

Autism And School

Education Queensland Autism Hub And Reading Hub

The Autism Hub and Reading Centre

The Autism Hub builds the capability and confidence of school leaders, teachers, parents and care givers to improve the engagement and educational achievement of students with autism.

The Reading Centre - specialist advice to educators and parents on how to teach reading and support readers, including strategies for students with dyslexia.

'What Are You Doing' Film

 "What are you doing?"

An Autism Awareness film that addresses some of the fears of school aged children may have about Autism Spectrum Disorder  -ASD, answers their questions and helps show them how they can be a great friend to a classmate on the autism spectrum. The film includes enlightening interviews with the brothers, sisters, cousins and friends of children on the spectrum. These friends and family members share their thoughts and experiences on what it is like to share their life with someone on the spectrum.


Learn how to address challenging behaviors in early childhood settings (EC-4) by Brenda Armstrong for Gulf Coast Community Services Association (GCCSA) Teachers. These techniques can be applied at home as well.  This clip is extremely good and well worth the watch.  Click here to watch.


One in four Australian kids are bullied at school. They are bullied most or every day. Persistent bullying has been proven to lead to increased cases of depression, reduced academic achievement, social exclusion, self-harm and suicide. Last year, 12 Australian teenagers took their lives because they were relentlessly harassed and tormented beyond repair. These statistics place us as one of the worst countries for bullying in the world, alongside Kuwait and Qatar.

Stymie, an online platform, allows bystanders to send anonymous notifications to your School, about someone who they believe is being bullied or harmed.  The notification interface allows bystanders to upload evidence like screen shots of FB discussions, Snapchats, text messages or instant message conversations and an outline of the incident(s). Click here to view the notification page.  Your School receives the Stymie notifications in the form of an email alert. You may choose which members of staff receive these emails.

The notifications are encrypted, anonymous and confidential. Stymie does not store any information; we are merely the road upon which it travels.

Stymie complements Your School’s existing student well-being/pastoral care framework.

Stymie was built in consideration of the Australian Safe Schools Framework and the recommendations from the Australian Covert Bullying Prevalence Study.



Finding and choosing a child care service can be daunting, this government service provides information on choosing a childcare service, comparing the types of services offered by various childcare centres and assessing the quality of childcare service.

Finding a Childcare Service

Search for an early childhood education and care service and find out what types of programs are offered by each service. 

You can also find extra services they offer such as:

  • approved kindergarten programs
  • before and after school care
  • vacation care.

This site also provides the opportunity to compare services under The National Quality Framework which includes a rating system which has been developed to guide your decision about a service for your child. 

Home Schooling and Special Needs

Home Schooling Special Needs - Australia  This Facebook page provides a lot of excellent material for parents who are home schooling.  Easy to understand and most of the worksheets are already done for you.  You just need to print them out.

Parenting Ideas

A useful online resource with articles, webinars, online courses, books and resources for parents.

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