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Let's Start The Conversation!

Hello all,

Welcome to our new blog 'Let's Start The Conversation!'. In our blog we will be posting up relevant topics, resources and starting the conversation on some topics that we feel will support you and your family.

To start of the blog we would like to share with you our top 5 resources this week to assist those families who are transitioning back into school this week. We would love to hear your feedback on the resources below and share with us how you have used some of these resources in your own home. 

Here is this week’s TOP 5 resources for you to have a look through:

  1. An article from ABC about helping kids with the transition back to school.  Click here for a great read.
  2. Morky’s safety mission –Free to download and print, Morky’s Safety Mission is a great personal safety activity for the classroom or the family living room.  Click here for the details
  3. The Modified Rugby Program (MRP) is a new modified form of touch-only rugby, developed by GingerCloud Foundation, where each boy and girl with a learning and perceptual disability has their own club PlayMentor on the field supporting them - click this link for further information
  4. From 27 May – 3 June each year, National Reconciliation Week provides opportunities for all Australians to learn about its shared histories, cultures and achievements – and explore ways to contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia. Click on this link for further information and also this one
  5. Birdie and the virus song -  a song to teach young children the importance of washing hands and covering coughs and sneezes to keep them safe

You can stay up to date with Parent Connect by contacting us through the link below or liking our Facebook page. We would also appreciate if you share our services throughout your networks. 

Until next time!

Jane and Michelle

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