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Parent Connect assists individuals and families to navigate pathways through health, education and community resulting in a journey of self-management.

Our Aim

“Building individual skills to participate across community” 

Individual Capacity Building

The running of a peer support group, a mentoring program and social skills training. These activities will be run for and by members of the organisation, with assistance from the facilitator. The project will be delivered within the Parent Connect footprint of North Queensland and Far North Queensland, with the aim of expanding into regional and remote areas as organisational capacity increases.

We assist individuals and families by supporting them to navigate the pathways through health, education, and community resulting in a journey of self-management. We aim to provide individuals and families with the knowledge, skills and support to optimise their child’s development and their ability to participate in family and community life.

Parent Connect aims to complement and strengthen the support provided by families, parents and the natural networks through;

  • Family Networks - to meet, research and gain information that allows you to explore what you need.
  • Community Inclusion - we provide short–term case coordination and planning to assist families’ action steps in order to reach their goals. We assist through links to services and communities
  • Transition Support - involves identifying services required to transition through normal child developmental growth stages, funding options, service coordination, counselling and access to specialist services.

We can offer support and provide information to assist in overcoming many of the daily living difficulties that many parents of children with special needs experience. We can help you find information about specific conditions, services, equipment and agencies as well as support groups and entitlements.

One of the most important and effective services we provide is to connect families who are in similar situations. Quite often our ‘other’ friends or family members may say they understand – but sometimes those words can seem empty. To have a child with extra needs is hard to explain to others who simply don’t live it.

We have found a helpful and gentle way to introduce families who may be travelling a similar path with their children. In a relaxed and calm setting it can be easy to chat over a cup of coffee and share stories. One of our staff or volunteer parents can facilitate the first meeting making the initial meet more comfortable.

We also have access to Social Workers and Mental Health Professionals should you choose to ask after their services.

Organisational Capacity Building

The Parent Connect footprint covers North Queensland and Far North Queensland, with the aim of expanding into regional and remote areas as organisational capacity increases across Queensland. A formal governance committee, guides direction and outcomes with Cootharinga North Queensland. 

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